Tales from the table: Obama ‘goes big’ for Valentine’s Day

…and the couple who ate next to them is spilling the beans about what the President and First Lady talked about.. They sipped fine wine and ate fancy foods at the Vermilion Resturant in Alexandra, VA.. And as the romantic dinner went on, the discussion got hot and heavy–ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY!

The Honduras horror: Fire in prison kills hundreds

Following this story today.. Hundreds burned alive in a jail in Honduras.. the massive fire swept through the prison in Comayagua, in central Honduras. Conflicting reports are circulating about the number of people who have been killed–some say 200+ and others far outnumber that in the 300+ or higher range. Some prisoners escaped the fire by breaking … Read moreThe Honduras horror: Fire in prison kills hundreds

Just the facts, just the news.. just the links.. all the heartache

Mystery in Scranton, PA: Heavily perfumed oils flow from icons at church.. The mutiny in the Vatican.. the struggle over who will succeed the Pope — and other struggles too — now reported.. Church leader says Satan involved with death of Whitney Houston.. Did Iran cut off EU oil or not?Israel raises alert level..US carrier … Read moreJust the facts, just the news.. just the links.. all the heartache


Hungry for GMO food? While you’re probably not but eat it unknowingly everyday anyway, consider this: Monsanto doesn’t allow genetically modified foods in its corporate cafeterias.. Greenpeace has the full exposé.. Monsanto believes in choice.. As long as the choice is fresh and GMO free. They clearly know that they are what they eat ..

Death without dignity

Who says old wounds get healed by death? A fight broke out along grieving attendees at a funeral in Phoenix when the unidentified friend recognized the other man and punched him “in honor of the fallen.”.. Up to 30 were involved..

Space effects on bodies

We know already astronauts age differently when they are in space but a little known effect also happens to eyesight–NASA’s new priority is how to protect astronauts from going blind on the years-long trip to get wherever they are going

Another reason to like dogs?

Your cat, with parasites, may be making you crazy ..expect to hear more about the non-feline friendly reports of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite found in cat feces .. And could we finally have a an explanation for that strange cat lady on Any Street USA? The parasites did it..