Get ready for more Sandy Hook conspiracy theories–this time involving Anderson Cooper

A few weeks ago, CNN’s Anderson Cooper took to the airwaves during his show 360 to battle online rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the tragic Sandy Hook shooting. Cooper lamented the freedom the internet gives to hoaxes and rumor-mongering.. he blasted the video that has received millions of hits, the video which blends raw footage and rumor together to create questions on the official narrative of the shooting.

It can be argued, though, that media botched up the reporting on this story from the beginning. They took false leads and broadcast them to the world.. they reported the wrong suspect .. they said people died who did not. It all began with reporters trying to get a story too fast..

And now this: Rumors online of what may have actually happened that day.

Add to it a new video, one which will no doubt create more websites and videos afterwards–and maybe another response from Anderson Cooper. After all, this video involves Anderson himself.


As you can see, it appears to show Anderson Cooper’s nose vanish for a split second, causing some to ask if they were in front of a green screen and if the person involved with the interview was just acting..

Some comments have tried to debunk the video.. others say Anderson Cooper’s nose was up another orifice on his body.. one YouTube user asked this, however:

I heard it could be a YouTube video compression problem?
Can anyone verify this ?

Perhaps that is the best theory as to why Cooper’s nose seems to vanish in midsentence. That or a green screen was used and CNN tried to act like they were actually on location in Newtown..

Regardless of how it happened, or what even did happen, it won’t matter now. The rumor is out there.. this will just be added to the next conspiracy video on Sandy Hook.

We’ll see if Mr. Cooper responds directly. There may, as the compression of the YouTube video theory has it, a very logical explanation.

Sometimes nothing you see is true. Even fiction.


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