Just when you thought death panels weren’t going to happen

..maybe you should think again.
In Japan, a government official said the elderly should just hurry up and die.
In the UK, doctors feverishly work to not work feverishly on patients who are going to pass away–letting it just happen faster. Some countries in Europe are on the verge of allowing a 21st century medical eugenics tyrannical system to take over.
Perhaps the Georgia Guidestones are an inspiration around the planet.

And now this: The Associated Press, unbiased right?, allowed its medical writer, Mike Stobbe, to question aloud whether we should just let fat smokers die and be done with it. I mean, they are just in the way, right? With their large obese stomachs protruding from their bodies.. and the disgusting smelly cigarettes destroying their lives.. They a product of human waste. They are meaningless. They should just be permitted to go into a hole, take a bullet in the head, and rid themselves from us, so we can have more space, better air, and less money going to their medical needs. While Stobbe from the AP didn’t quite say it that way, what he did say just sounded more professional:

Faced with the high cost of caring for smokers and overeaters, experts say society must grapple with a blunt question: Instead of trying to penalize them and change their ways, why not just let these health sinners die?

He went on to write,

It’s tricky to play the insurance game with overweight people, because science is still sorting things out. While obesity is clearly linked with serious health problems and early death, the evidence is not as clear about people who are just overweight.
That said, public health officials shouldn’t shy away from tough anti-obesity efforts, said Callahan, the bioethicist. Callahan caused a public stir this week with a paper that called for a more aggressive public health campaign that tries to shame and stigmatize overeaters the way past public health campaigns have shamed and stigmatized smokers.
National obesity rates are essentially static, and public health campaigns that gently try to educate people about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating just aren’t working, Callahan argued. We need to get obese people to change their behavior. If they are angry or hurt by it, so be it, he said.

Perhaps we should just stop and think long and hard before we even attempt going down this road. The slope into hell.. We start with overweight smokers.. do we end with skinny mocha drinkers?
We hate the elderly.. rid us of them! and the kids too! why do we need them?
Who picks who dies? Who decides? I guess those death panels … that don’t exist.


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