MONDAY MAY 6 2013 The rebels in Syria are accused of using sarin gas.. Israel begins air strikes over the weekend in Syria.. one sends a fireball into the sky.. The United States was reportedly not notified before the bombing began .. Iran and Syria are responding.. the war drum is beginning. The DAILY BEAST … Read more

IRON MAN 3 cruises the box office charts and sets records.. the summer movie season begins with a bang, not a whimper..

THURSDAY MAY 2 2013 Who is LOLing now? Three more suspects are apprehended in Boston Marathon bombing investigation.. According to reports on the investigation, one suspect recognized Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from video from the bombing scene and texted him about it, court papers say. The papers say Tsarnaev texted back: “lol.”.. Fire season beginning early in … Read more

WEDNESDAY MAY 1 2013 New study from France’s CEA research agency reveals that the core of the earth is 1000 degrees hotter than thought and may be roughly the same temperature as the sun! BBC report: AIRLINER HAD ‘NARROW MISS WITH UFO’ *This is a mainstream news report.. this is an amazing article..The airbus came … Read more