The Bell tolls louder

More Artisms from his Facebook page over the past several hours: Art Bell: When they hired George they asked me to say something nice about him, all I knew at that point was he did a Paranormal show In St Louis so I said “He gets it” that was a Decade ago. Since then if … Read moreThe Bell tolls louder

Big quake in Alaska

Interestingly enough this was predicted by earthquake watchers for a few days.. Amazing that it happened as expected. I may start paying a lot more attention to people like Stan Deyo and others that so often seem to correctly pinpoint where earthquakes will occur..

ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS THAT I HAVE LONG PREDICTED ‘PHONES IMPLANTED IN OUR HANDS’ BY 2020..Only problem is, I may have been off on the time period in which  I thought it would happen.. As a matter of fact, a man is now making news because he implanted an RFID chip into his hand.Transhumanism.. Robotic … Read more

You may not legally be able to have a dream unless you’re ready to pay

Today is a pretty historic day, it is the anniversary of the famed I have a dream speech made by Martin Luther King so many decades ago.. But maybe I should be careful even saying the words I have a dream because the speech has been copyrighted and it will not legally be able to … Read moreYou may not legally be able to have a dream unless you’re ready to pay