Something out of nothing, and the Toronto mayor for free: The Freaky Friday update


My paternal grandmother died in 1997. I dreamed of her often, but she herself was never present in a dream.. only her empty house and vacant garden. A few weeks ago, for the first time, I dreamed of her and she was there–hugging me and telling me she loved me. When I asked her if there was a God, I woke up from the slumber without ever hearing an answer.. Last night, my sister (who also never had a dream she was in) had a night vision of our grandmother. . this time she was at an outdoor cafe in New York City. My sister knew it was her because she saw her red fingernails on a hand clenching a menu.
Maybe this is the Catholic guilt within me, but the first thing I wondered “was she released from Purgatory.” Once I snapped from my age old grade school fears of sin, I then wondered.. why now? Why these visions? Why did she hug me and where was she for so much time? And why, why the HELL, did I wake up before hearing an answer as to whether or not there was a God!?

Some things remain a mystery.

On to the news..

Remember yesterday that Philippine official who got fired for saying the death toll from Haiyan would end up being 10,000? How dare he? Such radical claims? We are getting ever so much closer to that number now, with almost 4,000 counted as casualties from the storm at this point.. The number of injured stands at 12,165.. With conditions deteriorating, things may be worse for those who actually lived through the storm. Some places are becoming hell no earth, with people fighting and scrambling to survive..

This is a disaster in terms of both PR and technical terms: Only 27,000 people signed up for health care using HEALTHCARE.GOV..
Save face time: Obama calls in insurance execs..
“Ugly fix” by Doctor Obama..

After civil liberty fears escalate, Seattle Washington decides to ‘deactivate’ its downtown WIFI network..

I am sorry to readers.. I have had little to no coverage of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. I should have.. I hope you know of him. If not, read up. What a guy. All ‘crack’ aside, the crackhead mayor now is facing extra heat for making a lewd comment in public about oral sex..

British media asks: Who will listen to the Americans about human rights?

MOTHER CLUCKER! I really home some more intelligent minds prevail and something like this won’t happen.. but as we know, intelligence is seldom found in the brains of decision makers: The United States so allow imports of Chinese chicken.. You know, the product overrun with disease and contamination in China? that stuff..

I know we are being told this, but I frankly don’t believe it for a New York minute: China set to abolish labor camps..

China ‘relaxes’ its famed one child policy–allowing for a second now as long as your first is grown..

Controversy over abortion clinic that allows unborn babies to be shot in heart with poison to terminate pregnancies..

This is an artist’s concept of what Mars may have looked like 4 billion years ago..

The woman claiming to be Andy Kaufman’s daughter is an actress..
A hoax that Andy Kaufman would be proud of!

GHOST set to become a TV show thanks to Paramount..

Angelina Jolie set to be shadowy menace in 2014’s MALEFICENT

This is a fascinating story from DISCOVER: Do we live in the Matrix? They report in this article that tests could reveal if we actually do live in a simulation of events. But they also ask the question: Would we want to know? And that question ties in with what I asked my grandmother about in the dream she appeared in.. Was there a God? I didn’t get an answer–maybe I did, and my brain just registered nothing. Perhaps we don’t need to know.. we have time to find out after we die.. or before we are born again..
And as far as an afterlife, just one more: Robert Lanza is a scientist who claims that modern physics proves an afterlife. That’s quite a statement to make.. He argues that life creates the universe, not the other way around. He also says space and time don’t exist as we think they do.
It’s noteworthy to remember this: The big bang did not create something, it created nothing. It created ‘space’ and ‘nothing’ where, prior to that, there was presumably an absence of ‘nothing.’ That concept took me years to somewhat understand, but I always lose an understanding of it every time I begin to grapple with the concept again. Just imagine, the creation of ‘nothing.’ There are sounds to silence, to maybe there is something in nothing. It’s all so confusing.
Is it a matrix?
And are we creating it?
Food for thought on a Friday morning.
Good day.

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