A state of hell in the Philippines

“My children are decomposing”
This is a quote from Juvelyn Taniega as reported by CNN today.. She is in the Philippines  and because of the slowness of recovery, she is now forced to watch as the bodies of her children decompose in front of  her..
CNN reports it this way:

Juvelyn Taniega tried to keep busy. She collected old dishes and cleaned them, crouching near where her home once stood and the place where she last saw her husband and six children alive. She’s found the bodies of three of her children, but three of them are still missing. In days, she said, no one has come to help. “My children are decomposing,” she said. There are many like her, looking in disbelief over miles of fields full of crushed wood and stone that once stood as houses, wondering if her missing loved ones are buried in them.

I cannot even fathom the heartbreak and emotion of this.. I cannot even understand or grasp the suffering that so many are going through right now.
Whether there is a god or not, there is certainly reason to doubt the kindness of nature.. and God. We have seen suffering on massive scales before. Hell even the dinosaurs had a miserable existence extinguished by a hellstorm from above. Does the earth itself just hate us? 
There has always been hurt, loss, suffering, and sadness. But through it all there has also been a monstrous amount of love and goodness.
The only hope that people in the Philippines have right now is that there will be enough love to overcome the misery..and the decomposing bodies under their feet.
Typhoon Haiyan survivors desperate for help
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