Thursday happenings..

THURSDAY DECEMBER 5 2013 20 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Weird booms continue, this time in the midstate of Pennsylvania .. the booms were loud, and heard in three counties.. The Pope was once a bar bouncer.. Idiocricy: The dark side psychology behind holiday shopping madness.. China stops banks from Bitcoin transactions.. Greenspan perplexed by Bitcoins, saying … Read moreThursday happenings..

Epic Ice Storm Possible; Millions Could Lose Power » A major ice storm will plague Arkansas over the next week, causing major power outages. I look at the possibilities and past ice storms. Get ready. Get set. It’s winter.. Wait! It’s not winter! This may be the WORST of winter before it even begins!

Tuesday terrors: It’s almost Christmas, American teenagers are dumb, and Darth Vader took a selfie

TUESDAY DECEMBER 3 2013 I just looked at my calender for the first time this month–December 3 but it just seems to have a feel that December is already over. Maybe it’s due to the oddly short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe it’s because the rest of 2013 was a steamroller of time, marching … Read moreTuesday terrors: It’s almost Christmas, American teenagers are dumb, and Darth Vader took a selfie

Case of the post-Thanksgiving Mondays

MONDAY DECEMBER 2, 2013THE ‘GRIND’ RESUMES. For lots, it never ended. Today is also Cyber Monday. Which is an annoying term, but at least it prevents stores from using that horrendous word “doorbusters” to describe their sales.So does HEALTHCARE.GOV work in time for Cyber Monday? Onto the news..‘Promise me, no more funerals.’ ‘Just one more’: … Read moreCase of the post-Thanksgiving Mondays

Drone deliveries

Who says drones can’t be used for the good, too? » AMAZON is going to deliver your package with drones—not armed, I imagine, unless you consider a piece of junk made in China to be a weapon.. Seriously, Jeff Beezos showed CHARLIE ROSE all of the gadgets and contraptions that will make drone delivery possible … Read moreDrone deliveries