Sasha Fierce strikes again

A friend of mine is a big Jay-Z and Beyonce fan.. I constantly jab him with jokes about her alleged involvement with the Illuminati.. and he doesn’t even want to listen when I try to play him sound files of Beyonce claiming that she channels an alternate personality named Sasha Fierce for her live performances.

Maybe Beyonce would be smart if she blamed some recent actions on Fierce..

She is being slammed by families of dead astronauts and current NASA employees for sampling audio files from the space shuttle Challenger disaster..

For those who remember, Challenger exploded in 1986 only a little over a minute after it took off. With a school teacher on board, it was being watched on live television all across the United States when it happened–school kids were forever scarred by the memory of seeing the space shuttle begin its long death when that disaster took place. Ronald Reagan addressed the nation..

And now Beyonce chose to use sound clips of the final moment of life for astronauts that fateful January day in her new song XO.. the song is about a troubled relationship .. So I guess that makes sense to use a sound file of heroes dying in a horrid inferno. (Sarcasm there.. it does not translate well in text) …

NASA is angry. Former and current space employees aren’t to happy.. families of those who died that day aren’t smiling. And I am just left scratching my Illuminati fearing head. What was Sasha thinking? She says that she wanted to include the sounds of the disaster in her XO song as a ‘tribute’ to those who died that day.. I just cannot fathom the perplexing logic that made her think people would just fine with her decision to use that audio file..
And if Beyonce didn’t get the offensive nature of it, surely Jay-Z would have..?