Fear Friday: A Lupercalia Day news wrap

I may not have been a blizzard, but my God there is a lot of snow.. And even the lack of the ‘term’ blizzard being given to a storm does not take severity away–especially those special moments, around midnight, when you are trying to shovel to prepare for the next today. And while you shovel, the wind whips your face with new fallen snow and the drifting begins on the paths you tried to clear.. Yes, that is really what winter is all about. It makes me chuckle to see the Sochi Olympics are experiencing record warmth this year.  They should have picked somewhere in the Northeast and they would have been fine..

Wolf head, 1-100 CE, bronze, Roman, Cleveland Museum of Art.JPG
The snow is ending just in time for millions of spectators in life to celebrate commercialism at its best: Valentine’s Day. No modern holiday comes without its share of mystery and occult, though. Including this lover’s day.. It all goes back to love and fertility, and sacrifices to the gods.. There is a good wrap up of what the ancient meaning of the holiday is.. As for now? It’s to buy as many awful gifts for your loved one as you can at extremely high prices..
How about this: Express true love with honesty, goodness, and reality. Be real. Be you. Get a gift on days that don’t require it…
And that’s my speech.

Moving on to the Fiday news dump. For better or worse, for richer or poorer..

SNOW BLOWS: There were record flight cancellations. There was thundersnow and thundersleet. The Great Lakes are nearly covered with ice.  And there is snow in 49 states now.  Welcome to winter..

Valentine’s Day regrets: Planned Parenthood urges men to get abortions for their sweethearts for V day..
Maybe instead of the abortion, just get your loved one apples. No, really.

Is the mainstream news getting exorcism crazed–or have demons started to run amuck!? First the Latoya Ammons story was picked up by world media.. and now this: An ex-county commissioner in Brentwood Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, is now speaking out about demons possessing his home! KDKA reports that Bob Cranmer says he waged a two year battle of good vs evil.  Cranmer says the evil entity in his home attacked his family–bites and scratches.. he said black shadows would slide on his walls.  As usual, you need to use your own discernment when reading these accounts.. And your faith, or non-faith, will sway you .. But Bob Cranmer seems convinced..

Speaking of good vs evil and religious issues, get ready for a lot about the blood moons over the coming months.. A number of Christian prophecy sites are writing of impending doom.  WORLD NET DAILY is taking on the issue, too..

When you’re done worrying about the blood moons, gets ready for the famine.

This is a must read story: You know who else, besides all these companies, corporations, and governments of our current time, collected metadata on citizens? The Stasi. Good food for thought, if you want to think about it..

THIS is an amazing image..It comes from NASA and you care see, if you squint, Great Britain underneath a giant comma shaped Atlantic cyclone. It was taken February 12.. and it’s one of those many storms bringing hell on earth to Great Britain, including massive winds and flooding rains.. Read more here..

And more on the weather striking: It has become the biggest rescue mission since the Blitz! 80MPH winds, heavy snow, and flooding rains.. And now pile line failures are igniting fires! This is the ongoing disaster facing the United Kingdom.. What amazes me most about this DAILY MAIL article is the variety of disaster photos.. whether it’s flooding or snow, fire or wind.. all are happening now across the pond as David Cameron tries to stay in charge of a fleeting moment in climate time.

Strange formation appears off WA coast
More weather weirdness. . . the internet is abuzz in rumor and speculation concerning this strange image off the Australian coast: It’s an S-shaped radar phenomenon.. HAARP? A computer glitch? Glitch in the matrix? You be the judge..

More than 200,000 people displaced and five airports have been closed as volcano erupts on Indonesian island.. Interesting to see how active the volcanoes have been on earth lately.. Any sign of anything or just a global belch?

Indonesia volcano erupts; 3 killed, 100K evacuated
It really gives me pause to see the images from Indonesia where this volcano has blown.. This is the most populous island, according to the AP. There are innocent people stuck in the cross hairs of a truly mean planet earth..

This is alarming: Careto is the name of a sophisticated suite of tools that is actively compromising computers and collecting a wealth of information from them.. It’s maleware tearing up the net, and no one is quite sure where it’s coming from..

Actor Ralph Waite of WALTONS fame, dead at 85..

Not shy in the buff: LeBouf wanted to wear penis camera for NYMPHOMANIAC 

All you need is a miracle! China’s Jade Moon Rover comes back to life! 

A fascinating and sad story of the Corpsewood Murders.. A must read from WHO FORTED..

MARVEL COMICS is about to spin a new web of tales concerning Spider-man and how Peter Parker got his powers.