Filming is just about over for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.. and a trailer is on the way soon. That is pretty exciting news for me, how about you?

There is a high chance, according to these online trade rumors, that production of the film will soon be complete, and that Henry Cavill has concluded his scenes..

There are some major rumors brewing that the trailer for this movie will be attached to THE HOBBIT release on December 17th 2014.. If so, an early Christmas gift for people awaiting the BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie will be the slickly produced advertisement to drum up even more excitement about the movie..

That is what also makes me worry about BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. They need to do this right.. The word is the trailer will be BATMAN HEAVY.. I think that is understandable. We have not had SUPERMAN invade our pop culture as much as BATMAN over the past 10 years..

But let’s just hope the trailer is great. And hope the movie is greater..