President Obama goes to the hospital–and the media chooses not to have a feeding frenzy

I am apparently uniquely surprised that news networks are not going wild in a feeding frenzy about President Barack Obama being whisked away to a hospital and being admitted for a sore throat that has been present for weeks.. he has been diagnosed with acid reflux, mainstream talking heads tell us. The Saturday news affair didn’t get much attention besides a few blips on media sources, small links on news websites.. Drudge picked it up but spun it a different way, with a mock on Obamacare:



But should this not be a bigger deal?

I recall when George W. Bush choked on a pretzel during a football game, the media went wall to wall. Partially because it seemed like such a bonehead way to have an accident, and also because he was the leader of the free world.. grimacing in pain and losing air on the floor while choking on a pretzel..

In this instance, during a rainstorm in Washington D.C., a motorcade lined the street to take President Obama to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.. he had to undergo a series of tests, including a CT Scan .. finally, we are told that that tests showed the President was being hit with acid reflux.. Again, they tell us.

According to reports, the President was at the hospital for over an hour.

There are comments on a multitude of stories mocking the President’s mile long motorcade as overkill, others are claiming that the President overreacted and that his acid reflux was not a serious thing.. I say it’s fine for an over abundant testing regiment any time the President even has as much as a headache..

I also doubt the mainstream story on this. I really do.

I don’t know what gut instinct, or acid reflux belch, tells me this, but I think there is more to this story.. It seems like overkill on one hand.. but ont he other should the media not be asking more about the tests, wondering if the President was awake for all of them, getting information on whether Joe Biden was on standby just in case anything occurred at the hospital? Yes.

But instead we are just given a little snippet of news with a talking point medical paragraph about what acid reflux is and how you get it.

Trust me, media; This is America. We smoke, drink, and eat too much. I think we all know what acid reflux is..

But what we do want to know more about why now for the President’s medical treatment.. Sore throat for weeks.. but the motorcade decided to pick a drenched Saturday morning–the same one when a botched rescue mission left an Al Qaeda hostage dead— to take the President to the hospital.


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