CNN turning on Biden?

The feeding frenzy begins?!

The front page of CNN reports that it isn’t going to give Biden credit anymore for just not being Trump..

The front page of state media seemingly has turned on the Commander in Chief

Stephen Collison for CNN writes:

Biden is failing to adequately explain why he so badly failed to predict the swift collapse of the Afghan state. And his credibility has been sullied because his confident downplaying of the risks of the withdrawal has been repeatedly confounded by events. Seven months into his term, Biden no longer gets credit simply for not being Donald Trump.

The article continues:

The atmospherics around a White House that was on a roll have shifted in a matter of days. Just over a week ago, Biden was taking a victory lap for his unlikely feat of passing a bipartisan infrastructure deal in the Senate and also ramming a $3.5 trillion spending framework through the chamber. As the pandemic rebounds, his July Fourth partial declaration of independence over the virus looks like a “Mission Accomplished” moment, even if the reluctance of millions of Americans to get vaccinated has fueled its spread.