Hebron’s ‘Ghost Town’: What’s Life Like for the Last Boy on Shuhada Street?

Sort of a creepy read from Paul Goldman at NBC:

Every bike ride outside his home feels perilous to nine-year-old Yousef Rajabi.“The [Jewish] settlers harass me and I get death threats,” he told NBC News, referring to nearby residents. “They say to me that Palestinians should not live here.”

Yousef lives on Shuhada Street in Hebron, a once-bustling Palestinian thoroughfare that has been emptied of most of its original inhabitants. The street is Yousef’s playground — but one that is empty of all other children.

He and his mother, who are among just four Palestinian families to still live on the street which once featured hundreds of homes as well as 450 shops, are on the front line of the Israeli struggle to ensure Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank are safe from attack.

Some 330,000 Jews live in the West Bank, which Israel invaded in 1967 and Palestinians believe is an essential part of a future state.

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The world is filled with heartache and unfairness.. Murder and mayhem. The children, always, are the ones who suffer the most from insanity of adults.

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