Hebron’s ‘Ghost Town’: What’s Life Like for the Last Boy on Shuhada Street? Sort of a creepy read from Paul Goldman at NBC: Every bike ride outside his home feels perilous to nine-year-old Yousef Rajabi.“The [Jewish] settlers harass me and I get death threats,” he told NBC News, referring to nearby residents. “They say to … Read more

Who paved the road to ISIS?

A long look back: Who created ISIS? That question has suddenly became a campaign issue for Jeb Bush. But it is also an American issue–a question that should be answered with some thorough facts. NEW YORK attempts to begin putting the puzzle together–though it neglects to talk about weapons that the United States, under Obama, … Read moreWho paved the road to ISIS?

This TIME magazine cover in 2012 depicts Mohamed Morsi.. editors chose his mug and said he is the most important man in the Middle East.. Today Morsi, an ousted president of Egypt, is in the news again.. From the ASSOCIATED PRESS: An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced ousted President Mohammed Morsi to death over his … Read more


ISIS has released a video of journalist James Wright Foley, 40, being beheaded.. the video is graphic and cruel, with Foley stating that the United States government is his real killer.. The ISIS member, who speaks with a British accent, threatens President Obama and brings another reporter, Steven Scotloff, before the camera at the unknown … Read moreISIS HORROR: BEHEADING VIDEO RELEASED, AND A NEW THREAT UNLEASHED