Morocco quake leaves hundreds dead

Developing .. Hundreds of people have been killed after a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco on Friday night. The epicenter was in the High Atlas mountains, about 72 kilometers (44.7 miles) southwest of Marrakech, a city of some 840,000 people and a popular tourist destination. The quake was the strongest to hit that part of … Read moreMorocco quake leaves hundreds dead

The ‘directed energy weapon’ in Hawaii could have been energized power lines that were not turned off despite warnings of hurricane winds

The Washington POST and other mainstream sources are beginning to report on what really caused the Hawaii fires–the hurricane force winds were a factor.

Some online speculated that a weaponized beam did it, the reality seems to be more on the mundane side. However one that could lead to some tremendous legal issues or power companies..

Massive house explosion near Pittsburgh

There was a massive house explosion in Western Pennsylvania Saturday.. it was still an unfolding situation but one of the most traumatic parts of the story is that rescue workers heard screaming but could not get to those trapped.. PEOPLE UNACCOUNTED FOR.. EXPLOSIONS WERE HEARD AFTER THE INITIAL .. Just two days ago the PA … Read moreMassive house explosion near Pittsburgh

Mystery pneumonia kills three and infects nine in Argentina—it’s not Covid

Three people have died and five are in hospital after developing a “pneumonia of unknown origin”, Argentinian health authorities have announced. According to the Ministry of Health in Tucumán – a small region in the northwest of the country some 800 miles from the capital, Buenos Aires – nine people in the sameprivate clinic unit … Read moreMystery pneumonia kills three and infects nine in Argentina—it’s not Covid

Officials say that Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine on fire

A fire has broken out at a major Ukrainian nuclear power plant under attack from Russian forces near Kyiv, according to Ukrainian officials. “Russian army is firing from all sides upon Zaporizhzhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter early Friday morning local time. “Fire has already broke out. … Read moreOfficials say that Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine on fire