It will be Christmas in July for Art Bell fans when he begins his broadcast next month of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT..

Last night, Art Bell already tested equipment and it was a ‘go.’
Keith Rowland told the HORROR REPORT that lines were lit up fast for the full duration of the Sunday night Skype and ‘Callart’ phone line test. Bell later went on to make his Facebook page more public, allowing users who aren’t one of his capped 5000 ‘friends’ to comment on his posts and links..

The ball is moving towards a July 20th game.
Along with it: Radio stations that are more traditional and terrestrial than the online plans.

And now ARTBELL.COM hosts a page that gives information on the full affiliates who are broadcasting MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.

The list promises to grow.
Despite Bell’s best intentions to be streaming only with the help of Apps, iPhones, Androids, and TuneIn, he’s going to be beamed the old fashioned way as well..

And even Art Bell himself seems to be a fan of the terrestrial way. Tonight on Facebook he wrote,

“If you have a local station you wish to carry it the best bet is to give the Manager or Program Director a call and ask..” 

If you build it, they will come.
If you broadcast, they will carry..

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