If you feel like having a sleepless night, it may be wise to tune into Clyde Lewis, live at the moment I post this broadcasting about the friends our children make.. the spirits that often populate the waking world.. the ‘people’ under the stairs, perhaps.. Or those with claws and sharp teeth foaming at the mouth from underneath the bed or the crack in the closet door..

The topic: The spirits that children see..

The program as usual promises to be a gateway into the netherworld, an active paradise of paranormal activity beaming to radios or online listening devices around the world.

Clyde Lewis wrote an essay to accompany the broadcast, and ended it with these chilling words:


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Adults do hang on to those realistic memories of entities visiting from other realms of existence, including those where dreams become windows on the world of the abyss.

Listen to your children—they know that someone or something is coming.  

I think we have all had someone in the family–or we ourselves–experience sleepless moments of bizarre night terrors..
Or perhaps the ‘clawed figure’ under the cover, a-la-Freddy Kreuger.
Someone in my own family recalls a ‘claw’ literally following her around during both waking and sleeping hours as a child..
I recall hearing whispers in a church that eventually was knocked down..
My own son fears dark hallways, at the age of four.
Do these fears simply occur because a wild imagination?
Or maybe because of a real actualization of the fearful and frightful..?
Clyde Lewis has it covered.

If you miss the live broadcast and read this after it’s over, no fear.. Soundcloud will be there.
Along with the fangs on ghouls under the stairs..