For days, Art Bell has teased a major announcement for today.

That announcement hit–it also portends a major development in his program MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT and another enormous opportunity for him to change the night time air waves..

From Bell:

ANNOUNCEMENT from ART BELL: It has been a great two Months start but now it’s time to get serious. Starting Oct 1st Midnight in the Desert will send an XDS feed by Satellite to almost 4000 Radio Stations in Stereo, which means all they have to do is flip a switch and we are on.Now that we are taking this step, we need your help. Please call your local station Manager or Program Director, tell them you would like Midnight In The Desert on their station and that we are now starting Oct 1st on XDS.Share this with everyone! It’s time to Take Back the Night.
Art Bell

The talk show legend included this YOUTUBE video in his update:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDrdTwwZ1wc]
There is a certainty that more stations will pick up the program..
There is also no doubt that the producers at COAST TO COAST AM and George Noory are closely watching.. and seeing a MIDNIGHT rider nipping on their Premiere Heels..

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A press release tonight from NEXUS and MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT explains more details:

Nexus Broadcast will be delivering Art Bell to over 4,000 new affiliates via XDS Satellite feed in Stereo, starting October 1st.
As easy as a flip of a switch, Nexus and Midnight in the Desert are inviting AM and FM terrestrial stations to carry the full 3 hour format (2 hours and 58 minutes from the top).


The company’s official page and press release is touting the benefits for local radio directors to consider Bell for the hours during darkness.


George Noory and Red Eye Radio are the main stays overnight since Bell left. While Clyde Lewis maintains a market of Premiere, Coast to Coast AM is the main attraction and would potentially be the biggest loser in a successful MIDNIGHT showing..

There seems to be some sort of history being made–forgive me for ignorance, but I have ever heard of such an offer being made to 4,0000 potential customers on radio..


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