Richard C Hoagland won a bet with George Noory the result of which was that he
would get to Host his own show at a date to be named by Richard. So
Richard used his win to name July 13-14 as the date for the show because New Horizons, a Spacecraft launched almost a Decade ago will make History as it passes close to Pluto for the “Last picture Show” of something Humans have never seen, a close up of Pluto and it’s Moons, then it will speed away, so it’s a VERY special few Hours.
The first reaction of the Coast Producers was to say “we can only give you three Hours”, really silly since the event will extend through the night. Next Richard tells me he gets a call from a Coast Producer saying George can not do it that night for some unknown reason but Richard can be on that night but NOT talk about THAT story even as it happens, instead they want Richard to move the big show with the big news to July 20th !! long after it has happened, kind of like D Day after the Invasion.
I keep wondering what is so special about July 20th? now I know, it is the date Richard starts his NEW show on the Dark Matter Digital Network called “The Other Side of Midnight”….Oh wait it’s my first “Midnight in the Desert” as well, just another BIG coincidence?
As a big BONUS please listen to the LIVE Pluto special on July 13-14th also on the Dark Matter Digital Network 12AM-6AM. P.T.
Sometimes Karma takes a big bite out of your BUTT !

Art Bell in a dramatic Facebook post today ago.. https://www.facebook.com/art.bell.716/posts/842534472461340?notif_t=close_friend_activity 

There will be a lot of dirty tricks now that Art is coming back.(July 20th to be exact) 

And now apparently WITH RICHARD HOAGLAND..

The Dark Matter Radio network is about to rock the summer time with MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT WITH ART BELL and now THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT with Hoagland. A conspiracy paranormal delight.. Amazing news./