Art Bell returned last night..
And with him came old songs such as his intro THE CHASE … the famed thunder WAV file that he recorded himself–the same one that George Noory and other guest hosts who still ‘borrow’ it for Coast to Coast ..

Bell entertained open lines all night for his first MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. He also ran paranormal news and fun commercials during the breaks.

Though most of the progam went smooth–callers thanking Bell for returning and the host seemingly calmer than he was when he initially began hosting DARK MATTER on Sirius XM in 2013.

Some glitches occurred near the end, namely buffering and potentially stormy weather hurting Bell’s internet only broadcast.. One point of debate: Should he have a helper. A BELLGAB.COM user named Redacted helped him with open lines.. afterwards Bell went on Facebook and said he got the message ‘loud and clear’ and that a co-host in not in the cards. On Bellgab he said people disliked changed and eventually Redacted would have a role.

But right now the role for Bell is to recover an audience that has abandoned Coast to Coast Am–something that appears easier after listening to last night’s smooth ‘test’ run..

MIDNIGHT has begun..