Trevor Noah begins his DAILY SHOW career..

A few samplings of thoughts online:


There’s no way to judge a brand new “Daily Show” on the strength or weakness of a single episode, especially since we’re talking about 20 minutes of material (subtract all of the commercials for “The Walk”). But after watching new host Trevor Noah’s seemingly smooth debut Monday night, I just have to ask: What were we all so afraid of?

VARIETY: It all felt like vintage “Daily Show” material, with most of the initial changes appearing to be cosmetic, from a new font to not bleeping certain expletives. As for Noah’s skills as an interviewer, Kevin Hart, frankly, wasn’t the ideal guest to offer much insight regarding those chops, yielding an exchange that was loud and manic, much like the comic’s act. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is slated for Wednesday, which should offer a better sense of the new host in that regard.

DAILY BEAST: Trevor Noah’s Crude, Clumsy ‘Daily Show’ Debut: The man replacing Jon Stewart as host of Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ opted for curses and dick jokes over keen observational humor in his first outing.

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