Dire predictions are over.. my world did not end. Did yours? The detractors may say that the end times could still happen any day at any time–even up until the blood moon on Sunday. Which saddens me a bit . I checked the weather.. That night, while the full red moon gets eclipsed, it looks like it will be cloudy. With a chance of End Times.

The news of the day may not be as dire as fireballs reigning from the sky, but as usual, it’s a collection of the insane and inane, tragic and wondrous all at the same time..

Stampede at Hajj kills up to 700–the death toll is still climbing.. MORE: Journalist Khaled Al-Maeena said he believes pilgrims rushing to finish could have been the main reason for the stampede. “People like to do the first stoning in the morning,” he told CNN from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia…

New Yorkers have two choices: See the Pope. Or buy a new iPhone..

Putin plans campaign against ISIS without or without the United States..

A new study says that Americans eat all day long..

The newest MUPPETS show coming to ABC is being called ‘perverted’ by a conservative group ONE 

Family credits Pope Francis with healing baby..

Modern man: Art Bell has a YouTube channel..

From the BBC: A question for the future and the ages. Who owns outer space? I would tend to think that if other life forms dominate space, we never will own it and certainly better not try buying..

BEN CARSON says the idea of evolution is from ‘hell’..

New images from Mars have, as usual, caused a sensation.. Could this circular stone formation be the Stonehenge of the Red Planet? Could it be the remnants of a past civilization, death from a climactic change? Could it be..stones?

Video emerges showing cops in Delaware shooting a man in a wheel chair.. A relative calls the death an execution.. Cops say he had a gun. A relative says he had a book bag..

This is a cool story.. the famous MOJAVE PHONE BOOTH is back.. Would you be willing to try giving a call to number 760-733-9969? If so, who knows you will answer..

What it’s like to be a horror movie scream queen..

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