An artist in Ukraine uses the placeholder the statue of Lenin…

An artist in Ukraine uses the placeholder the statue of Lenin used to be on to showcase Darth Vader..

Here is an original report, you’ll have to use your computer translator to read.. Unless of course it’s your native tongue.

The point: In April, Ukraine ordered all Soviet era statues and ‘stuff’ to be destroyed or removed. Or both. 

Oleksandr Milov, the sculptor of the new statue, said this to the  AFP news agency: 

“Honestly, I did not like the idea of destroying it, so we decided on a more flexible solution,” he said, adding that they were planning to install a Wi-fi router on the statue’s head so that he can “communicate with the other Siths.”

And this reporting from a FUSION article:

It’s just one sign of the presence of the Force in Ukrainian politics, theInternational Business Times reports. Apparently, the conversion was sponsored by the country’s Internet Party, which is led by a candidate called—you guessed it—Darth Vader, who is running in Odessa’s mayoral elections. The site writes that Vader has been spotted campaigning around town:

The main candidate of the Internet Party of Ukraine, named after the legendary Star Wars villain Darth Vader, is campaigning in Odessa, cruising through the town on a black van to the sound of the Imperial March from the saga. The Sith Lord often seen flanked by his loyal storm troopers and Chewbacca is the official candidate of the party which has become known for its theatrical public stunts.Vader and storm troopers were recently seen waving at passers-by from atop the van as flames shot up at the helm of the vehicle. “When I am appointed to my position, I will distribute free accommodation as a first policy,” the man dressed as Darth Vader said.”

The Darth Vader movement.

I don’t quite know what to make of that.