The amazing and weird Library of Babel 

There is an amazing little website called LIBRARYOFBABEL.INFO. And I would recommend you toy around a bit with it.. The site is listed as a “place for scholars to do research, for artists and writers to seek inspiration, for anyone with curiosity or a sense of humor to reflect on the weirdness of existence.”

 This library contains every single word that has ever been written. Every word being written. Every word that WILL BE WRITTEN.

The vastness of information being contemplated here is amazing.. Almost mind blowing.

 The site is inspired by the creation of Jorge Luis Borges. In 1941, Borges wrote a story of the same name. But this real coded website actually goes further than what anyone in 1941 would have thought up.. It contains every possible combination of letters, words, and sentences. It is limitless. A computer coded site contains everything. Every possible series of letters and thoughts. Every single verse. Every musical lyric. Every famous saying that has yet to be said. It’s there. The library of babel is complete with everything..

 The site is the creation of Brooklyn’s Jonathon Basile..

On the website, you can browse random texts. You can search for texts—go ahead, try anything, you will indeed find it since the coding is infinite in nature when it comes to the combinations of things.
I read more background on Basile. He taught himself coding because he wanted to recreate the notion of Borges. Basile wanted to write and published EVERY STORY conceivable to mankind.

 There are some big big implications. Think of them.

There is obviously a copyright infringement. But it is also a copyright infringement of things that HAVE YET TO BE WRITTEN!

There is a record of your birth. An exact record. There is also a record of your death and the very way it will occur, whether it will be peaceful or painful, and the people who will be there to mark the event. Just good luck finding which 20billionth power version of your death that will end up coming to fruition.
 The Bible is in this. Along with the Bible yet to be written by man.

The Library of Babel has it all.
Any way and every way you can imagine it.

 It’s coded by machines that don’t think—at least not yet. And in that sense there is no bias in their words. It can create words that have yet to be found with meaning for humans.

No bias. No meaning.

Just letters. Strings of phrases and sentences.

 Humans have yet to discover it. Although regardless of what words or books you write, there is a section in the library that already documented it.

 That is so amazing to me… so unbelievable.

The site is my newest online addiction.

And I have found, regardless of what I say, I can’t stump the library. There’s a book location for every word thus far I have said.

And you’d be long past dead before you read every one of them.


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