Images from Syria.. the refugee crisis .. and the sights and sounds of warfare tearing a nation apart

FROM THE huffingtonpost:

Look At These Photos Before You Say We Can’t Take In Syrian Refugees

If we close our borders to Syrians, this is what we’re leaving them to face.

This article appearing on the HUFFINGTON POST offers up images to stir emotions..

Emotions are running high in the United States.. several governors have declared that they don’t want Syrian refugees..
My governor from Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, will not join the chorus of mostly Republican governors who have declined the warfare fleeing Syrians..

My Facebook page is lit up this evening by people on both sides of the fence.. declaring their opinions.. illuminating their profile pictures in French colors.. signing petitions for and against the refugee influx..

One person even humorously posted the Tom Petty song dealing with such topics..

Catholics and evangelicals are stepping into the fray..

The debate goes on..
The beat goes on..
The war rages on..
Hatred flares on..
Social media opines.

Just another day in the life of the planet Earth.

2 thoughts on “Images from Syria.. the refugee crisis .. and the sights and sounds of warfare tearing a nation apart

  1. this question has nagged me .. pics and images are fine … but its like Syria is a jigsaw puzzle I have not a clue how to put together .. none one has .. put the puzzle together to make it more clear and to make sense of all this … does anyone have the capability of making a map of Syria .. and telling the people .. where the lines are drawn .. what area of Syria is affected …. can some one draw a line in the sand and actually show it on a map .. to get a sense of what part of Syria are they talking about … I have not a clue and where are all these people coming from ….. as so called refugee’s … just wondering 🙂

    • The jigsaw puzzle is the kindest way to describe the situation.. it is troubling and there are no easy answers.. And sadly along with it a tremendous amount of suffering.
      Thanks for the comment..

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