There seems to be a developing situation unfolding in Mali


The U.S. Embassy in Mali has asked American citizens and its staffers to remain indoors after reports surfaced of a shooting at the Radisson Hotel in the capital Bamako

The 190-room hotel was just finishing off the hosting of a major mining conference, Aislinn Laing writes. Those due to speak included the Malian prime minister, government ministers, African Development Bank representatives as well as the directors of some major mining houses operating in Africa. As a result of the conference, the hotel is believed to have been at 90 per cent occupancy. »

And now it is the site of the newest terror attack on the planet earth..

This was reported only minutes ago in a UK TELEGRAPH article:

Hostages freed from siege hotel if they can recite Qur’an verses

Security sources are reporting that some gunmen at the Mali hotel are freeing hostages who are able to recite verses of the Qur’an.

Two women have been escorted from the besieged Bamako hotel.