Prince overdose possibility

As the days tragic events unfold, yet again TMZ is leading the charge with salacious details of the pop star’s death..
 Some already labeling it a ‘purple haze.’ .
 TMZ REPORTING THAT PRINCE WAS TREATED FOR AN OVERDOSE 6 DAYS BEFORE HIS DEATH.. . They even say that doctors administered a ‘save shot’ to counteract the effects of an opiate..
 The body hasn’t even gone cold yet!
 But the tumors are flying!
 Chemtrails coughs.. Overdoses..
 All this On a day of death. April is cruel..
 It started with the 9th wonder of wrestling, Chyna, meeting an early date.. And the Prince of music also leaving he earthly realm.
 Guitars gently weep this eve’.. Doves cry. Rains fall..
 And a clamor arises from the stammer of masses: How did our pop star die?

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