Why I will not be Damning the Turtles to Shell

Yes.. The reviews will be bad. Poor. Lackluster..

This is my PRE-watching review.

The few already on Rotten Tomatoes claim the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES sequel is pitiful.. 

By any measure I stopped caring years ago what critics said. The movies they lambaste often prove decent. Those they proclaim to me are too many times unwatchable ..

In the case of TMNT2? My son is excited for it. 

And maybe because of both parental and nostalgic reasoning, but I’m nostalgic too.

And I’ll admit this: I enjoyed the first movie. Despite Michael Bay. Despite the negative press.. Despite all that, I enjoyed it.

I think it’s a ‘summertime’ thing. You can suspend your good taste and imagination long enough to enjoy a mindless blockbuster. The TURTLES seem to fit the build enough to say that it will be a movie, quite honestly, that I enjoy. 

As a family we will chow down on popcorn. We will stare longingly at Megan Fox but not her thumbs. And we as a collective audience at the film will laugh and cheer in spite of ourselves.

After all it’s summer. And my son can’t wait to see the NINJA TURTLES on the big screen.

This is big for him. And it will be for me.

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