Campaign 2016: From the desk of Art Bell

Though he is not on the air right now hosting MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT, the talk show legend is active on Facebook.. A few posts recently have shown his allegiance to Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the campaign for president in 2016..

A few days ago, Bell used the Facebook platform to write two separate posts: One simply said “Clinton” and the other “Trump.”  The outrage to BOTH was almost immediate.

The reaction caused Bell to write this on July 24, 2016:

Experiment concluded: as you can clearly see below I simply made two posts without comment, one called Trump and one called Clinton. The results confirmed what I expected. Mostly they were filled with hate directed at me with people thinking it meant I was in support of one or the other, further hate was directed at the Candidates and of course other people who posted. What do you think this means about us?


As the DNC convention continues and Donald Trump’s fiery rhetoric does as well, Art Bell went further in some commentary tonight on the social network:

Does the Democrat party think Trump can turn back time like Direct TV? They keep saying he is calling for the Russians to hack the 30,000+ Emails that Hillary deleted, that Felony already left the station. Come on Media, get it right.


Longtime listeners dating back to the Coast days will recall Art as a renegade libertarian, chain smoking antidisestablishmentarian.. hellbent on questioning the system and authority.  He also was not a Clinton fan during the 90s.. the contempt seemingly has continued through this year’s election, with Bell taking a positive position on the Trump candidacy since early in 2015 when the billionaire announced he was running for the White House.

The interesting part of the post today came in the comments. Those following the Art Bell saga know he was sick as of late, with two hospital stays in Nevada. Bell said this in a comment to his own post tonight:

Well I had a very close call, very nearly had answers to the biggest questions I always asked on air. I am trying to get stronger but I had very serious pneumonia, could not get air, now trying to get stronger, it will not be fast

He was close to death… Those ‘big questions’ he always talked about on air? Death and what happens after.

The hope and prayer of fans is that he returns at least in part to the Heather Wade hosted Midnight in the Desert.

Especially during an election.
Especially THIS election.. at this time.

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