Art Bell commentary on 2005 Trump lewd comment tape

The legendary talk show host has taken to Facebook again to discuss his political thought concerning campaign 2016. Bell has made himself a lightning rod for criticism even from fans when he publicly came out in support for Donald Trump. Last night’s 2005 tape bombshell has not changed his mind..

From his Facebook post:

I see the gloves have come off in this crazy campaign. Yes what Trump said was bad but Men’s locker room talk is just that, it will not effect my vote.

Now we learn that Hillary said to Wall St that her Public and private positions are not the same, that you have to lie to be elected. She is for OPEN borders and trade. She supports the pipeline (in private)Wall St insiders are what is needed to fix Wall St! And so much more.

Later in the thread, Bell wrote,

I agree, this changes nothing for me, if you go back in any persons life and record private moments when they didn’t know a mic was hot you will get something like that from Decades ago


1 thought on “Art Bell commentary on 2005 Trump lewd comment tape

  1. Art where are the remote viewers when we need them!!!!!
    So glad you are still around
    Panda from Cape Breton

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