Wikileaks reveals interesting Podesta/Mitchell/UFO email

So here is the tale of high strangeness… Donald Trump stuck his hair in his mouth and is battling his inner demons.. meanwhile Hillary Clinton is celebrating a moment she feels will make her president. And all the while, Wikileaks released some pretty rough information on her about giving speeches to rich people–not that you will hear that because Donald Trump explaining where he grabs women has taken center stage.

But this new bit of information contained in the Wikileaks document dump is persistently amazing to me.

If you don’t know who John Podesta is, you should.. he was ingrained in the Clinton Administration part 1 and will be mostly likely heavily involved with the Clinton part 2 if she wins.

People run the UFO research community know who he is. He is a proponent of giving information to the public and researching the truth and validity of what lurks in space..

The treasure trove of documents now being revealed by Wikileaks include some fascinating gems from Pedestal. 

He publicly supported a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in 2002 regarding a 1965 UFO incident. As an advisor to President Obama, Podesta apparently failed to uncover those UFO files of the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania sighting. Kecksburg is one of the most famous UFO mysteries in modern history.

It also appears that Podesta was on a first-name basis with astronaut Edgar Mitchell–a man who was also very known in UFO circles because of his belief that the government covered up alien life. . . Wikileaks published THIS EMAIL from Mitchell to Podesta essentially saying that that ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) would “not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space”. However, despite their apparent intolerance, he described the ETI as nonviolent..

There has been a debate of late in some UFO circles as to whether Hillary Clinton would end up being a friend to the disclosure movement or not.. Podesta is fondly looked on by people who want more information about potential alien life above us… The hope is that he will secure more information and open files to the public..

Unless those files reveal a space war is taking place..
A new star wars. In real time in real life.

Before you believe every UFO/PODESTA story you see on Facebook research it a bit.. heck, even go to the Wikileaks page and try finding the email yourself.

But yes it is true. An astronaut was speaking to someone from the Clinton inner-circle about space wars and how the ETs may not like it very much.

So keep space clean of war!
Our planet may depend on it.