Man wearing clown mask follows school children, police say

Man wearing clown mask follows school children, police say:

Parents behaving badly!

This story is dateline Massachusetts .. with all of the fears taking place right not on school buses around the nation regarding clowns, it appears a parent attempted to capitalize on the entire event.

Enter bad judgement:

“APD investigated and identified the person wearing a clown mask who followed a school bus and children getting off the bus two days ago,” police wrote. “The individual was determined to be a parent of one of the students on the bus.”

Other parents commented on the post, saying that they were horrified by the situation.

“My kid called me freaking out and I had to run to the bus stop to pick her up,” one man wrote, while a woman added, “The kids were forced to hide under a deck to avoid this man.”

PERHAPS the child dared him to do it! Maybe it was all a joke.

As I have been saying MOST of this is all a joke.. Most of it is all unabashed fear over nothing… as the clown stalks from behind.

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