clown inside tunnel

Singapore school sends in the clowns. Parents call the police

Isn’t the clown show one that belongs to 2016?


This is what mainstream media is reporting in the Washington POST: Multiple clowns have been spotted loitering outside schools in Singapore – staring intently, approaching pupils and allegedly asking the young children to follow them. Their unnerving presence sparked a flurry of complaints from concerned parents who immediately called on the police to investigate.

On social media, some shocked parents shared photos of one of the clowns and identified the school police were investigating as Speech Academy Asia – an organization dedicated to helping adults and children improve their public speaking skills.

In one photo, a person disguised as a clown with heavy face makeup, a hat and a plaid shirt, was seen tilting their head and transfixing on those standing near a bus stop close to a school.

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The academy’s director, Kelvin Tan, told The Straits Times that the clowns were part of a marketing campaign to promote speech classes taking place at the center. “There was no evil intention behind the costumes,” Tan said.