Shocktober: Surprise tape release from 2005 rocks the Trump campaign .. he fights back in taped apology

And they said the first debate’s ratings would never be defeated… I predict people turn off the NFL on Sunday night to tune in for the rumble to end all rumbles between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.. Especially after this weekend’s taped 2005 chicanery was released..

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005 »

Looks like I’ll be covering my son’s ears for a few days during the evening news..

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs Finally Leaked »

One night. Trump lewd comment… Hillary emails. Only the beginning of many more October surprises ?

GOP Piles on Donald Trump Over Remarks on Women »

Trump’s groping comments leave campaign in crisis »

And if you have any doubt that the Sunday fun day debate won’t be nasty, here is the YouTube sorry video Trump released in which he speaks about Bill Clinton’s past with women and Hillary Clinton ‘shaming’ them.


It appears to be on like Donkey Kong.