By now you have seen the image of a ‘ghost’ escaping the body of a motorcycle crash victim.. Undoubtedly someone on your Facebook timeline posted it.. someone on your Tumblr reading list. Or maybe just you..

Truck driver Saul Vazquez says he rolled down his window before snapping the scene along Highway 15 near Stanton, Kentucky, on Tuesday afternoon..

The crash victim died at the hospital later..

The photo then was shared hundreds of thousands of times and was featured even on national news broadcasts.. The little speck of white appears to look like that of a body..

Some say it’s fake. Fraud.. photoshopped… Others give credence to the possibility that the little white part of the image is that of an escaping soul.

The family of the victim spoke to PEOPLE magazine and they also say it’s possible.

If the image is just a trick of the camera or glare, so be it. But if it gives comfort to a grieving family in the aftermath of death? Allow it.

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