One of the greatest things in years: Stranger Things on Netflix

One of the greatest things I have ever seen (and I have only seen one of the 8 episodes so far) is the original NETFLIX show STRANGER THINGS..

There are so many things to speak of.. the 1980s nostalgic feel (especially for people like me who were incarnated in then Reagan era) .. The throwback quality to a Speilberg or Stephen King story.. the mystery of Will Byers and the town of Hawkins, Indiana coupled with some amazing acting and character development..


The music of the series, besides featuring some pop hits of the 80s, also sounds a lot like the score from IT FOLLOWS. The set designs and color is true to the 80s and is similar to the movie HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, which was also set in the 1980s but made in the modern era..


Thus far, only one show into the season,  I have nothing but praise for STRANGER THINGS and honestly can’t wait until my next free hour to continue the ‘binge.’  A binge on shows between work, parenting, and soccer practice can get rough.


Spoilers will abound if you read certain reviews.. I will not spoil anything, but instead just argue that you need to join in the fun and get watching this series.. I implored friends and family. And now you, my readers..

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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