GLENN from WALKING DEAD MEME makes its way around the…

GLENN from WALKING DEAD MEME makes its way around the net..

Actually, a lot of them have been since the demise on the first show of the season.. The controversial death sequence has been lambasted by critics who say the show has lost its edge, lost its fun, and lost its way..

Glenn was a beloved character who was thrown to the wayside after several seasons of love…

Check out this article appearing on CINEMA BLEND..

Show creator Robert Kirkman says this about the death:

It’s just that there’s a lot of material that comes from Glenn’s death in the comics. And while we do try to change things up to keep things interesting for the audience, and for me, this is one that there’s so much that comes from Rick, there’s so much with Negan, because that character is someone that he killed, and definitely Maggie is someone that kind of gets put on the trajectory that affects a great number of stories and a great number of characters moving forward. So it was kind of essential that that part of the scene at least remained intact, unfortunately.

The comic book fate..
The eye sequence.
The same as it was on paper.

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Speaking the villain NEGAN.. at my local mall’s trick or treat night the other day, a store owner dressed as the WALKING DEAD villain, and even was handing out chocolate eyeballs for effect.  We overheard him saying that some patrons were threatening him, showing anger at him.. 

Move over Trump and Hillary.. the biggest villain of the 2016 Halloween season: NEGAN from the WALKING DEAD.. Guaranteed you’ll be seeing him, maybe with a set of eyeballs, at your doorstep on Fright Night.