I recall after 9/11, that particular Halloween, how ultra-sensitive and weird things were.. I remember the political ramifications of what you wore–the outfit could put you in the wrong category.. Are you with ‘us’ or against us..?

This year may be about the same.
It was strange to watch the Al Smith dinner the other night and see Donald Trump being jeered by the crowd of media elites for his commentary about Hillary–it was not really as much funny as it was biting. Hillary was more routine, more common.. more traditional. But this year the election is not traditional at all.

There are friendships dying and marriages drying, all because the people within relationships are choosing different candidates. Facebook has become a hostile battleground of red vs blue acquaintances..  It is all really too much .. over the top.

And this year, at your door step, the next fight might occur .. . Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to be there.. not in the forms of ADs or flyers in the mail, but in plastic form. Halloween masks.

I have been reading my Twitterverse feed as of late about this very topic. There are indications, we are told by prognosticators of all that is political, that the mask sales are indicators of who will WIN the election.  Some put about as much stock in that as people who say they see wooly little insects and that means a record setting year for snowfall was going to occur.

According to various reports from around the Halloween stores across America, people are buying up Trump masks over Hillary likenesses about 2 to 1.. Some locations even report a 3 to 1 advantage for the billionaire..  Clinton fans opine that it is not necessarily because the purchasers like Donald Trump .. but instead because recipients of the mask intend on mocking the Republican candidate for president across the fruited plain..

The HUFFINGTON POST just wrote up an article about very scary looking Trump mask production processes in mainland China.. –Maybe an import Trump would stop if he becomes president?


There are so many versions of his profile. And they are being bought up everywhere.

So … the polls.
Polls that show Hillary pulling ahead of Trump. Polls that indicate she is going to win the election, maybe not by a landslide but instead a razor close margin with the help of some swing states.

But history..
History of mask sales indicating who would win an election.

In 2008, TIME magazine had a story showing a 55-45 advantage of Obama over McCain in sales. It also spoke about How Reagan outsold Carter (despite polls in 80 showing Carter would win) …  And look at the numbers And realize just how close the mask sale figures were to the final popular vote tally.. maybe there is something to this?

But a cautionary tale for Trump fans who think his mask sales indicate a victory on November 8: Richard Nixon. His face is still a top seller. He is one of the most highly disregarded presidents because of his criminal activity and mental illnesses.. But people wear his face–often even during bank robberies.

Either way get ready. Get the candy warmed up.
Donald Trump is about to ask for a hand in a town near you.