War machine stars

People who make terror videos .. People who watch terror videos .. People who fake terror videos ..
 In war, propaganda seems inevitable .. But it also makes me constantly pause and question the photos, videos, and stories coming from deep in the Middle East.. Forgive me for what may be considered a sin in the pop culture world of online rage 24/7, but when when the Aleppo boy’s image was broadcast around the world, I paused and felt uneasy about it all.. Wondering if some propaganda force behind the scenes is portraying this young boy’s image for their own social control in the Syrian civil war — one that was potentially influenced by the CIA and other worldly groups anyway..
 But enter this information: The DAILY BEAST is reporting in a very good article about how the United States (CIA) and the U.K. Worked together to fund the creation of fake terror videos..
 The purpose of such was to see who watched them, we are told. That sound quaint.. Make a fake video of mass genocide, a beheading, or some other horror and see who downloaded and shared..
 Isn’t it also a potential victory if Western societies begin to share those same videos, too? Believe them?
 Audio from years ago was released this weekend of John Kerry lamenting that he lost the battle for President Obama’s ear and that the United States did not send forces into the Syrian war. Others are grateful he lost.. The ‘red line’ speech the President gave in an address to the nation so many years ago fell flat with critics and even friends.. And a civil war in Syria raged since. It is a very difficult story and one that has about as many facets as can be imagined..
 ….but could you imagine, during a run up to war, faked videos being used to find the enemy .. And perhaps rattle the friends into action?