A Mysterious ‘Ping’ Is Coming from Deep in the Arctic

A Mysterious ‘Ping’ Is Coming from Deep in the Arctic:

A very strange noise is pinging deep in the Arctic.. it’s actually a cross between a ping and hum.
But get this: It is actually believed that the noise is scaring animals away.. In a place where people rely on those animals for food supply..

The sound has been heard throughout Fury and Hecla strait, a channel of water in the Nunavut region, and has proven to be a mystery for the local community

From the CBC report on this weird noise:

Speculation over the source of the noise has included Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation’s mining activity to the conservation work of Greenpeace. Both organisations have denied any involvement, according to CBC News. The Canadian Department of National Defence is also investigating, as detailed by a spokesperson in a statement to CBC who said that the “Canadian Armed Forces are taking the appropriate steps to actively investigate the situation.”