The story of Nathan on REDDIT that still creeps me out 

From congenitaldisease:

In 2014, a man called Nathan posted on Reddit that somebody was messaging him from his girlfriend, Emily’s, Facebook account. However, Emily had been dead for two years. At first, he assumed it was a glitch but then Emily began to tag herself in photos. He even received a message which read: “ust [sic] let me walk.” This message disturbed Nathan the most due to the fact that Emily’s legs had been severed in the car accident which killed her. He soon turned Emily’s Facebook page into a memorial page hoping that the messages would stop but instead, they continued and even more alarming, he received a photograph of himself taken from behind the door. He claims nobody was in the house at the time.

This may be the season for jolly elves.. but it’s cold and dark enough to include paranormal tales..

This particular creepypasta always stuck with me.. the idea of the electronic world being inhabited by a ghost. And then….the ‘no one was on the house’ card played when a photo of the user ends up being sent..

This one is meant to be read in the dark..

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