The creepy Christmas Carol

Last night, I posted a video of my son at his kindergarten play singing. It was a beautiful moment filled with love and joy..

But when a computer writes a Christmas song, something much creepier occurs..

Here is the story: Researchers in Toronto taught technology to write ‘neutral karaoke’ .. basically they are reaching into the future early and teaching computers to write music. Create art. All of that stuff. AI is taking over everything else, so why not just let it take over creative institutions too right? (Written in sarcasm if you could not tell) .. Well, the tech they created ‘listened’ to about 100 hours of Christmas music … and we got this as a reward:

[vimeo 192711856 w=640 h=360]

Yes, this is very rudimentary. And it’s early in technology, there could be a good chance that eventually hit music will be created by computer technology. However, this song may be one of the weirdest pieces of created music ever.. and quite frankly the creepiest song about the season ever. I can picture it being used in some futuristic horror movie about what happens when robots take over our lives..

….since they are taking over our lives, I guess it won’t be long.

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