The Evolution of High-Tech Horror Movies, From ‘Dot.Kill’ to ‘Rings’

The Evolution of High-Tech Horror Movies, From ‘Dot.Kill’ to ‘Rings’ :

This is what happens when horror is done right: Modern technology becomes frightening.

The days of VHS are gone. But they can equally be scary (Such as VHS, the movie) …

The original RING film was a classic for me.. I brought my entire family and lots of friends to see it in theaters in the early part of this century.. But kids of today? They just don’t get it. They know more about the RING from the SCARY MOVIE parody series than by watching it themselves.. and .. VHS!? A Tape!? What in the world is such an antiquated thing!

The newest RING is promising to merge the old nostalgia of VHS with modern technology.

As THE WRAP reports in the aforementioned link, the RING is not alone. UNFRIENDED was one of my favorites..

Modern era tech can be scary.
You know why? Because even though technology advances the frightening people who sit behind a computer screen are still the same..

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