The bodies frozen for 50 years waiting to wake up in the future

The bodies frozen for 50 years waiting to wake up in the future:

This is a must read story .. it’s real, completely real…

Whether the bodies ever reanimate themselves is yet to be seen..

The leap to reanimating one of the frozen humans in the three cryogenic facilities may be some time away, but the state of Bedford’s body when he was examined 24 years after his initial preservation was promising.

Bedford was dying from kidney cancer at the age of 73 in 1966 when he made plans to become the first successfully frozen corpse of cryonics pioneer Bob Nelson.

Nelson, a television repairman and president of the Cryonics Society of California, had been inspired by Siberian salamanders which freeze in permafrost for years and walk off when the ice melts.

Bedford provided $US4200 for a steel capsule and enough liquid nitrogen to keep his body frozen at 200 below.

After his death on January 12, 1967, Nelson packed Bedford’s body on ice in a wooden box and loaded it into his Ford utility for temporary storage at a doctor’s house.

When, after a time, the doctor’s wife threatened to call the police, Bedford’s body was placed by his widow Ruby and son Norman with a company as they fought off legal challenges to his preservation.

Norman later transferred his father to Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation, run by wigmaker and real estate investor Ed Hope, in Arizona, where he was submerged in the cryocapsule tank or dewar.

There are hundreds of people who decided to join in with the frozen fun! So many people who want to recover from what ails them at the moment in time they became frozen in a scientific state of repose..

But the last century has also featured people who were decomposing while frozen, some outraged parents in the late 1970s even found their young daughter in that state after they demanded the company show them the body..

There are some hopeful scientific advances that permit one to think the future is coming where these frozen bodies will walk again, or at least blink a few more times in the modern era.. however it would appear to be still some time away.

If science does allow such possibility to occur, there are at least 100 some odd bodies (and maybe more by then) laying in a frozen chamber just waiting to breathe another breath…
Unless …the power goes out.
And the decomposing begins.

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