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Fresh Devils vs Frozen Ghosts at weekend box office

So many have been looking forward to March 22 for a long time–movies to finally choose from at a box office that may be enjoyable!!

GHOSTBUSTERS FROZEN EMPIRE is taking on another little movie that could, LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL, this weekend..

So many are hopeful that the old busters will make them feel nostalgic inside, the magic may be wearing thing. The 30 year rule has passed–the idea that nostalgia only works well if this movie would have been made in 2014, not 2024..

That said, it will most likely do well, even with reviews that are less then stellar like this from BLOODY DISGUSTING:

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire can’t decide between nostalgia, humor, or heart. So, it opts for a scattershot version of all three. Whereas Afterlife grappled with family legacy, Frozen Empire isn’t sure of itself beyond addressing the shift from old guard to new. But it’s still far too reliant on nostalgia to serve as the next step in the franchise’s evolution, and that also includes the formula, right down to updated lines like “Are you the flame master?” It winds up a series of charming moments cast adrift amidst an overly simplistic, familiar story.

But the other movie set to draw attention from horror fans is LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL–it has received mostly decent press at this point. The movie’s limited release is unfortunate, too bad it is not wide, but it is exciting. Hopefully you will be able to find a theater showing the movie — it seems like it is just one of those that needs to be experienced in a dark theater on a big screen..

It is predictable that the seniors will be top dogs at the box.. Nostalgia will get one last win for the Gipper of 1984 Slimer fame.