Weird Wednesday: Drunk secret service agents, a gyrating robot, and a portal to hell in a frozen pond

I had a very long discussion with a friend last night about society’s ills and the dramatic changes that we have seen even in our relatively young lives.. It’s amazing. We traveled back to 6th grade. I distinctly remember “Sister Monica” and other nuns debating whether they should show my class that cutting edge flick SISTER ACT. They eventually did but I think fast forwarded their VHS tape past a less than tame part. And today?? SISTER ACT would be a joke .. Things have grown much more scandalous than Whoopi in a nun’s outfit.. But complaining about changes may put me into the same page as those who warned of the devilish dangers of Elvis’ hips gyrating. Replace Elvis with Miley Cyrus. Good news, even the ‘new’ generation was disgusted by her buttchecks flapping in the wind of her BANGERZ tour.

So that’s that about my crotchety old man antics.. >> ONTO THE NEWS…

SOMETHING may be finally on the map worth looking at: A satellite image has picked up 122 objects in Indian Ocean.. could this be flight 370?  I believe this: Malaysia’s government seems to making up facts as they go..

Fukushima anyone? The NAVY is going to test homes for radiation on San Francisco island..

Workers dig through debris in the mudslide near Oso
Horrible news from Washington state: The numbers of deaths in the mudslide massacre continues to rise..  I was struck this morning when I heard emergency management officials from the area adamantly say that residents knew the threat of mudslides. That’s fine, and most likely factual. But let’s wait until we count all the bodies before we start blaming residents for their own demise..? How about that one..  One interesting part of the story: A very small 1.1. quake may have actually been a triggering factor for the mudslide.

Animal house: Secret Service agents who were charged with protecting the President’s life were sent home after a night of drinking. And it was not just a few wines at elegant restaurants.. it was hardcore John Belushi style.. One of the agents was actually found passed out in the hallway of a hotel..

Michelle Obama claps as she and U.S. ambassador Baucus sit among students during virtual discussion with American youth through the Internet at the Peking University in Beijing
Michelle Obama is being praised for a great speech on press freedoms in China. However, it’s ironic that the press is pretty much not allowed access to covering her on her trip to China. I’m sure they will be permitted to photograph her lettuce at the White House vegetable garden. You know, all the important stuff..

That other threat… North Korea yet again has fired off missiles .. this time they rest fired ballistic missiles in defiance of the United States and South Korea war games.. I have felt for years (And continue to do) that North Korea is the true threat to the world. Vlad the Pooty Poot doesn’t want to blow the world up, he just wants to create a renewed Mother Russia. But Lil Kim? That’s a whole different story.. I think he actually does want to blow the world up..

The NSA, CIA, and FBI are being sued for failure to disclose Nelson Mandela records.. Perhaps secret agency documents will confirm what we have always suspected: Mr. Mandela was a time traveler who died once before in the late 1980s..

This is how ridiculous things are getting: Creationists are demanding EQUAL TIME to balance Neil deGrasse Tyson’s COSMOS. They want to be able to scientifically tell the world that we are 6,000 years old and that God tore out Adam’s rib to form a woman. I’d actually enjoy hearing about what happened to the dinosaurs. I heard competing versions: 1) They didn’t fit on the ark and 2) Noah didn’t get a male and female dino egg, hence the die-off. But until then, I’ll just enjoy the FACTUAL presentation of COSMOS..

RoboGod is coming.. A ‘trans humanist atheist’ wrote a fascinating article for the HUFFINGTON POST on the Jesus Singularity.. 

Heavy global earth movements have taken place over the past 7 days.. The planet is shaking..

Animals are leaving Yellowstone..  BUT.. it happened before–in February 2012 the same story of animals fleeing Yellowstone was blasting around the internet.  While common sense and logic should prevail, Yellowstone is always the sleeping giant and a major threat to humanity.. And this video from March 20 posted on YOUTUBE shows bison seemingly running for their lives away from Yellowstone. That’s creepy. Even though weird video and rumors online persist, this story from the DAILY MAIL may quell your end times fears: Researchers are now saying that the Yellowstone supervolcano is dormant and may never erupt again! So they say….

Major 6.5 quake FIJI islands.. I hope Truman Burbank is okay.

Boom boom yo: What is banging in Florida?

I wrote about gyrating Cyrus in my opening to today’s news rundown.. and this sort of goes hand in hand, or booty in booty, on it: A gyrating animatronic doll is in the future. It may be one of the weirdest and creepiest things I’ve ever seen, but I can’t stop watching the moving GIF …

Doctors are now warning that our bad posture due to iPhones and iPads may ruin our lives–and shorten them!

A woman has received an eviction notice after she hung a colored drape on her window. That ‘drape’ was the American flag..

The HORROR REPORT has been watching this one: The war between GAWKER and Quentin Tarantino.. Tarantino’s latest point on the script scandal is that GAWKER fabricated a ‘news story’ in order to enable the theft of the script..  Whatever happens in this case has amazing ripple effects throughout the internet and entertainment worlds..

This is a really strange video.. what is in this pond?? Toxic sludge or a portal to hell?

Robin Lord Taylor as Osward Cobblepot, or the Penguin, revealed in publicity image for BATMAN prequel GOTHAM..

In ‘Lights Out,’ a woman turns off a hallway light before she heads to bed. But she notices she is not alone in her abode.
LIGHTS OUT: Is this the scariest short film ever made!? I have two thoughts on it.. first off, it shows our attention spans collectively has shrunk rapidly. Comedy is down to 5 seconds.. horror is down to 2 minutes. BUT.. it also shows that there is creativity in the ranks of younger horror enthusiasts.. people who are tired of the blood and gore of nothingness and into trying to creature something new and fresh. This 2+ minute video, LIGHTS OUT, actually gave me a few jumps.. It was tense and pretty damn amazing. Congrats to David Sandberg for LIGHTS OUT .. an award well deserved.