The Binary Video Mystery continues: Who is the maker and where is he from?


The weird mystery continues.. this video called ‘Jack’ was loaded to Youtube a few weeks ago.. it is under the account name aetbx

The channel gained fame in 2015 when it uploaded this strange compilation of weird sounds and images:


When it was released, it caused a surge of fear and online chatter about the meaning.. terrorism? Disease? …just a hoax to scare?

To some, the scariest thing that happened since the video was released in May 2015 was the election of Donald Trump..

The newest video, featuring the same binary code numbers and then a series of images seemingly from the same location, is not yet getting as much attention but … in the time of viral videos, most likely will.

The consensus on the original video is that the maker is from Poland.. 
The newest? …unknown..

BUT.. but but.. one interesting thing to note: There is an advertisement that plays briefly before the NEWEST video named ‘Jack’ plays.. which implies someone running the account is attempting to get a little profit. So.. our mystery Polish citizen making creepy videos is more normal than anyone thought..


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