A bird’s eye view of 2021

Just as quickly as the calendar changed from 2020 to the fresh year of new beginnings, strange activity continue..


Hundreds of dead birds fell down from the sky in the center of Rome, Italy just after fireworks for New Year. MAYBE a connection?

A motorist uploaded a video to Youtube of the new year carnage:


Authorities in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar town have imposed a curfew in a one-km radius after it was confirmed that 50 crows had died of bird flu recently. Deaths of 100 crows, peacocks, and other birds have also been reported in Jaipur.

This one may be less fireworks.. and more worrisome..


Bird flu was confirmed on Wednesday in a Jhalawad area where around 100 crows were found dead. The district administration has declared a zero mobility zone within one kilometre of the area to ensure the infection does not spread to other birds.

HAPPY 2021..