A memory of Columbine all these years later

I drew this picture when I was a senior in high school.. after Columbine.

The most recent anniversary on April 20 made me recount my emotion that day.. the idea that all that was (in my world) changed.. that high school would never be the same again.

I was grateful to graduate in 1999… I knew that metal detectors and school violence would occur. My entire class did. We collectively realized that we were leaving the school world at the exact right moment.. one eye in my photo cried for the past, the other closed its eye on the future.

And then only a few years later, when ‘adulthood’ of legal drinking age was achieved by me and the class of 1999, 9/11 penetrated our minds with more illness, more fear.. more horror.

Columbine was a microcosm event. A smaller more surreal directed event at an age bracket.. 9/11 took it to a whole new level.

And the rest… the rest my friends.. is history.